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Sands Point Fireworks - Save the Date!

Dear Residents of Sands Point,

It’s back!!! Our fabulous 3rd annual fireworks extravaganza at the Village Club is on again!

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we invite you and your immediate families, to a very special Labor Day Weekend Fireworks extravaganza at our own Village Club on Sunday, September 4th from 5pm to 9pm. (This is open to residents who are not Club members.)

(As many of our neighbors have shared, it is the best fireworks they have ever been to. Ask anyone who has come.)

All-inclusive (except beer and wine)--will include full BBQ, food trucks, live music, and kids rides, as well as all taxes and house charges.

Cost: $75 per person; Children 12 and under $45 each; Parking is limited with a $10/car parking fee--please try to carpool.

Web page available next week. You can email reservations for now fireworks@villageclub.org

Hope to see you!

Mayor Peter A. Forman

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