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Storm Information for Contractors

Sept 1, 2023

To all contractors working within the Village of Sands Point:

The most active months of hurricane season are upon us with 2 storms forecast to pass east of the region over the next few days.

Active construction sites may pose an extreme hazard to adjoining properties, so we ask that you take the following precautions:

  • Maintain sites free of loose debris and unsecured materials and equipment.

  • Be prepared to have dumpsters removed prior to any forecast high wind event.

  • Inspect and repair storm water run-off prevention measures again (and on a regular basis).

  • Be prepared to brace incomplete structures that may be susceptible to high winds.

  • Be prepared to board up any openings, including those with windows installed that are not impact rated.

  • We recommend that, in general, you do NOT sheath any roofs while the walls remain unsheathed. If this is your condition during a storm event, take whatever extra measures you need to secure the structure.

  • Closely monitor hurricane activity ( and be aware that even storms making landfall south of our region can still have significant impacts as they move northward inland.

Stephen Rusnak

Supt of Building Department

Inc Village of Sands Point

(516) 883- 3044


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