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Action Alert: Spotted Lanternflies found in Sands Point. Take action.

This is an alert to bag or destroy them. See below

The nationwide infection of the Spotted Lanternfly (“SLF”) has now arrived in Sands Point.

The SLF is an invasive insect from Asia that feeds on vines and hardwood trees, weakening them and leaving them vulnerable to disease and attacks from other insects. This species is expected to cause widespread damage to many of the trees in our Village.

Action: 1) SLF don’t bite or have a stinger, so you can crush them.

2) If you come across an egg mass (third pic), it is suggested you scrape it into a ziplock bag with some hand sanitizer, seal it, and dispose of it.

3) Optional: If you have them, NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation has asked that photos be emailed to

Please see pics below. Mayor Peter Forman

Background and additional info below:

Signs of infestation include:

  • Oozing sap which may give off a fermented odor

  • Massive honeydew buildup under plants which sometimes gives off a black, sooty mold.

  • 1” egg masses which are brownish-gray and waxy before turning brown and scaly.

  • SLF nymphs, young insects, are black with white spots that turn red when becoming adults.

  • Adults resemble moths and can be seen as early as July. They are 1” long, ½“ wide with red markings on their wings.

  • A good youtube link:

Thank you to our Code Enforcement Officer, Will Guichard, for bringing this issue to our attention and assisting in info for this alert.


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