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Barkers Point Rd - Paving Post-mortem

Dear Residents,

  1. As you know, the repaving of a section of Barkers Point Rd (“BPR”) that had long been avoided because of the traffic impact, is now completed.

  2. This was the first major road project handled by our new Supt of Public Works (and this administration), and we learned a few things and wanted to share.

  3. While many residents on that stretch of BPR were notified, the notifications should have been sent to a much wider section of the Village.

  4. While there are many things in road work that the Village can’t control because of weather and other delays that pop-up intraday, better messaging is something we could have handled better.

  5. Please pardon this failure to communicate—we learned from it!

  6. The good news is that repaving is a one-day in a 10 to 15 year cycle and the road is now paved.

  7. Public Works will now be checking for any remaining touch-ups that are needed.


Public Works and the Administration of the Village.


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