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Free Flu and Covid Vax at Village Hall

Attn: Sands Point Residents-

I am pleased to announce that we arranged for the nurses of St. Francis Hospital to bring their mobile clinic to Village Hall a week from this Friday, Nov 4th from 10am-2pm.

The following will be available free to all residents and staffers of the Village:

  • Both regular (quadrivalent) flu shot and a stronger Senior dosage.

  • Covid vax - Moderna and Pfizer - new bi-valent vax - (bring your vax card)

  • Blood pressure reading

  • Glucose test

  • Cholesterol test

While no RSVP is needed, if you intend to come, please email with how many people and which vax desired.

Regardless, you are welcome without a reservation!

Again, this is no charge and no insurance cards needed.

Mayor Peter A. Forman


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