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Governor Hochul’s Plan for High-Density Housing on Long Island

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Dear Residents, Many of you are likely aware of the proposed law from Gov. Hochul for high-density housing on Long Island. The Governor’s budget proposes OVERRIDING what is called Municipal Home Rule, which allows Villages to determine their own zoning codes.

While many of us agree that additional housing may be needed, the proposed plans would destroy the character of our community.

The proposal would require that the Village have 3% growth in new dwellings annually--about 30 units per year and about 100 dwellings over 3 years. To comply, we would be forced to allow many more lot subdivisions and permit multi-family homes which the law calls “Accessory Dwelling Units”--that is, allow second families in basements, garages, etc…

While less of a concern, the proposed law would require that we permit 50 units of housing per acre within a ½ mile radius of a train station--of which a portion of Harbor Acres is in that radius.

The impact on water demand, police services, environmental impact (think waste into the ground),and beyond would be overwhelming. How would the school accept all the new students from throughout the peninsula? The character and quality of our Village would be forever changed.

While State Senator Jack Martins and State Assemblyperson Gina Silliti share our concerns, we urge you to contact the Governor to “oppose higher-density housing for Long Island” at (There is no email.)

The Board of Trustees and I will continue to monitor this proposed legislation.

Mayor Peter A. Forman


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