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Lighthouse Road - Traffic Issues

The Village is aware of the ongoing issues with those who stop on Lighthouse to take in the views.

Last year we increased no parking fines.

Recently, we passed new laws to add No Stopping to ticket-able offenses.

Now, we have two choices, as we see it:

  • Do nothing and just leave as-is.

  • Or we can try some new signage—we welcome your feedback.

1. A (approx) 3’ x 4’ sign at the hard curve, coming downhill, on Lighthouse with the following message:

We know the view is beautiful…

But, no stopping, standing, or parking.


Violations enforced

2. And adding, effectively, a no stopping zone as follows:

  1. Using only traditionally-sized no stopping signs, the first No Stopping sign could say, “No Stopping Zone” with an arrow to the left.

  2. The last No Stopping sign could say, “No Stopping Zone” with an arrow to the right.

  3. And then just a few more No Stopping signs in between (with or without a double-sided arrow).

Mayor Peter Forman and Chief Thomas Ruehle​

Please tell us what you think.

Email reply to: alerts@SandsPoint.gov

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