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Repaving of HAR with drainage and Belgium blocks

Dear Residents of Harbor Acres,

In what we hope will be a material improvement to Harbor Acres, the Village is about to embark on a repaving of HAR (from PW Blvd to the end cul-de-sac) with both a lot of new drainage (dry wells) and with Belgium blocks for any areas currently without Belgium.

We expect the sequence to be as follows:

  1. Later this week--drainage: The first step will be to add 8 new drywells with storm drains along the roadway to absorb excessive rainwater.

    1. We expect this to begin later this week, weather dependent.

    2. We do NOT expect any traffic disruptions.

  2. In Early April --Belgium blocks: Many of the curbs are rounded asphalt. At that time, we will be replacing any street curbs that don't have Belgium blocks with Belgium blocks.

    1. This is a ($1 million) major upgrading and beautification of this roadway.

    2. As part of this work, to make a nice finishing touch, we will be bringing the Belgium blocks down into the driveway curb cuts to be flush with the street.

    3. For homes with circular driveways, the contractor will only do one exit at a time so the concrete can cure for 1 or 2 days.

    4. For homes with only one curb cut, the contractor will place a protective plate over the work area so you can exit.

    5. We will notify you again when the commencement gets closer.

  3. In May--repaving: At that time, we will begin the repaving of the whole street. The work will start from the east end, by the cul-de-sac, and work its way towards Port Washington Blvd.

    1. We expect no traffic disruptions for the paving work.

If you have any questions, you can email them to and then we will respond.

Mayor Peter A. Forman


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