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VSP—Update on local safety issues

Dear Residents, 

Many of you may not know about some recent criminal activity in nearby North Shore communities.  There have been recent burglaries, both actual and attempted on the Manhasset/Port Washington/Sands Point peninsula.

Thankfully, in Sands Point there have been NO recent burglaries or vehicle larcenies--although we have had a couple of “porch pirate” events.

This is a group effort--the less attractive our community is to “bad guys”, the less likely they are to come here.  And, so far, we have done very, very well.  Let’s keep up the good work!!! 

In order to do so, please continue to be vigilant and:

  • Set the alarms in your home when you are away or asleep.

  • Lock your cars and remove the keys/fobs and valuables.

On behalf of Chief Ruehle, (incoming) Lt Wall, all the officers, and the Board of Trustees,

Regards to all,

Mayor Peter A. Forman


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