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A message from the Sands Point Chief of Police, Thomas Ruehle:

Updated: 5 days ago

We urge residents to remain vigilant in locking the doors on their homes and not leaving keys in their cars because of a disturbing trend here on the north shore. It has been confirmed that there are “crews” of youths coming from NJ and NYC into North Shore communities looking to steal unlocked vehicles.

Because we, as a community, have done such a good job recently in securing our vehicles from thieves, they are now getting bolder. In a few unnerving instances, they are now testing doors of residences and, if unlocked, entering the home to look for car keys.

Unfortunately, this took place yesterday in Sands Point. While we are happy to report that the stolen property and a vehicle were recovered, we ask all to be vigilant, but not overly concerned--no homes that were locked were entered.

If you see anything suspicious, please contact our Police Department immediately at 516-883-3100.

Chief Thomas Ruehle


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