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Public Safety Update

Dear Residents,

Although we contacted you recently with a public safety message, a serious nearby event requires this further update:

A few days ago, three men dressed in fluorescent yellow jackets to look like utility workers rang a doorbell in a nearby village off of Northern Blvd.

They said they needed to inspect for a gas leak, and then brandished a handgun to gain entry to the house and threatened the occupants for their valuables.

The bad guys fled when an occupant was able to make an emergency phone call.

Here are the key points: 

Although this has not happened in Sands Point, this scam can be copied. 

Legitimate utility crews will be in uniform, but will also have IDs, and most importantly be in a MARKED vehicle.   

If in doubt, do NOT open the door and call our police department to come to vet the individuals.

Mayor Peter A. Forman

On behalf of Chief Tom Ruehle, Lt Casey Wall, and the Board of Trustees


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