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Recent Overnight Noise Issues-Brief Update

From the Desk of Mayor Peter A. Forman...

Alert to Residents Recent Nighttime Noise Issues
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June 6, 2022

Subject: Brief Update on Recent Overnight Noise Issues

Dear Residents,

  • Over the past year and a half, we have made great progress substantially reducing (and sometimes eliminating) noise from local events, including from local boats, at the Preserve, and at the Village Club.

  • Compared to previous years, last summer there were very few issues with boaters blasting music in the local coves.

  • With support from the Town and the County, we will continue that “pressure-campaign” this summer.

  • Last summer we also had an issue with deep-bass music and thumping coming from Queens and the Bronx.

  • Music travels over water like a skipping stone and travels very, very far.

  • Our police force has scoured our local areas to assure us that it is not coming from within or near our village.

  • Unfortunately, over the last few weeks there has been a resurgence of that thumping in the middle of the night, penetrating many of our homes.

  • Over the past two weekends, the Port Washington PD and various Great Neck PDs have been getting many complaints as well.

  • According to all reports, the noise is coming from vehicles with giant car-mounted boom boxes--some as large as 6’ wide and 4’ high mounted on the cars for “meet ups”. Please see the picture below.

  • Today, I held a conference call with the Police Commissioner of Nassau County along with our Police Chief Tom Ruehle--thank you, Chief!

  • We have asked them to assist even more than they already have.

  • Nassau County has assured us they will work in coordination with our local police departments and with NYPD to address this issue.

  • Because of their influence with the NYPD, I am hopeful (and fairly confident) their involvement will make a material difference.

  • Meanwhile, please continue to let our police know when there are material noise transgressions at 516-883-3100.

  • Fingers crossed and that is all for now.

Peter A. Forman

Peter Forman

Mayor and Chief Police Commissioner, Inc Village of Sands Point


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