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Updated: Feb 18

Threat to single-family housing—reduced for now.

Dear Sands Point Residents:

I am glad to report that the threat to single-family housing, which you may have read about in the media, has been removed from Gov Hochul's currently proposed State budget.

This legislation would have eliminated the right of local municipalities, like the Village, to regulate elements of its own zoning.

Included in the proposal was an overriding requirement that would have allowed all properties to (a) have an “additional dwelling unit” or home on their property and (b) have a second family to live on the property (in basements, garages, or the additional dwelling unit).

Essentially, every property in the Village would have had the right to be a multi-family property.

The impact on our Village’s character, water, policing, traffic, and school districts is almost unimaginable.

We, along with almost all of the local elected leaders, strongly opposed this legislation and made that clear to our of our other electeds.

Unfortunately, there is still other legislation pending that would impose similar mandates on local communities like ours.

We will let you know if that legislation gets any momentum.

Peter A. Forman

Mayor, Inc Village of Sands Point

See below for Mayor Forman's Response to our Local and State Officials:

Opposing Zoning Amendments outlined in NYS Governor_s Budget
Download PDF • 234KB

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