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This past weekend...Loud, Thumping Music

Dear Residents,

This past weekend many of us experienced severe music and base thumping overnight well past midnight.

To most of us, it seemed as if it were coming from “next door”.

This music was heard throughout Sands Point, Port Washington, Kings Point, and into the Oyster Bay peninsula.

As best as our police are able to determine, the music came from either the Bronx or Queens.

This seems to be a variation of the noise issues we have had in the past.

We are again reaching out to Nassau County Police as well as New York City Police to try to address.

What is most confounding is that either the residents who live near the source of this music are not pressing their local police to address it--or the local police are not addressing it.

We will continue to press the issue.

Peter A. Forman, Mayor

Inc Village of Sands Point


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