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Update to yesterday's Public Safety event in the Village

Dear Residents,

As a follow up to yesterday's public safety alert and in response to some of your questions regarding the arrest of a subject involved in a “double burglary”, the SPPD has asked me to share some additional information to allay any concerns.

  • The individual arrested had been visiting a family member in an adjoining neighborhood when they seemed to have a “mental health” episode.

  • The investigation indicates, since the homes he entered had no signage out front, he was not targeting any homes with any political, religious, or ideological views or beliefs.

  • During the events, the individual encountered numerous other people at close contact, including occupants of the homes, and had no physical contact or altercation with them.

  • Although these crimes are categorized as “burglaries”, there does not seem to be any intent by the individual to steal anything.  The destruction inside the homes was apparently related to this mental health episode.

  • According to our Chief, the police are confident that the individual that committed these crimes did so alone and did so in an altered mental state.  The subject is under arrest and is under health evaluation. We are comfortable in stating we believe there is no longer any danger to the community from this individual.

The Police Department has asked that you please do not contact them requesting any additional info.  We cannot share any more info this time.   The Chief thanks you for all the well wishes for the injured officers.

Mayor Peter A. Forman 

And Chief Tom Ruehle


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