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Verizon issues in the Village

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Sands Point Residents:

Those of us on Verizon for cell service have been experiencing months of diminished service.

Dropped calls, dead zones, etc….

We have been in touch repeatedly with Verizon Regional Managers.

They report that they are having “teething issues” as they roll out new frequencies and technologies.

Frankly, we would have understood that reason had the interruptions been limited to a few weeks.

But we are at many months now.

Unfortunately, we, as a Village have limited ability to twist their arms on this specific issue.

But we have made it clear that it does affect the overall strategic landscape as they have many “macro/tower" sites and may seek more.

Additionally, we are expecting some telephone mounted "small cells" to begin to be installed in Sept to cover other gaps in coverage.

We need good cell service in our Village.

We hope to hear back from them soon. And we’ll keep up the pressure.

Mayor Peter Forman

You can reply at:


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