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VSP Wildlife Alert


The Police Department advises of an increase of reports of wildlife that we don't normally see in our area over the past few months.  These species, which are indigenous to Long Island, are apparently making a comeback and their numbers are increasing.  

These sightings include deer, coyotes, foxes, hawks, and beautiful Bald American eagles. With the exception of deer, these species are generally predatory in nature.

Recently a few coyotes were seen feeding on smaller wildlife in the area. We have contacted many local and state agencies, including the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and the Nassau County SPCA who have both confirmed that neither the Village nor residents of Nassau County are allowed to trap or hunt coyotes.

Some backstory: Per Nassau County SPCA, coyotes have been back on Long Island for 12 years and receive many calls every week on them. Furthermore, they report that physical interactions between coyotes and humans and their pets are extremely, extremely rare and they have no recollection of any physical contact during that time period.  Per the NC SPCA, the natural response of these animals is to flee if encountered by people.

As such, under State laws, there is nothing the Village can do to remove, relocate, or destroy these animals. Nevertheless, we suggest that if you do have smaller pets, (smaller dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other domesticated animals), to exercise some caution.  You should consider walking them on a leash and, perhaps, limiting their access to open, visible parts of your property and avoiding brush.

On a related note, please also ensure your garbage is covered tightly.  Do not feed them, approach them, or leave food that might attract them.

If you see any behaving aggressively, contact the Sands Point Police at 516-883-3100. No need to call the police if you merely spot them.

For more information and advice on coyotes, visit NYS DEC at:

Thank you,

Chief Tom Ruehle

Sands Point Police


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